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dentist vincent

Dr. Vincent Lee Han Hing

Founder and General Dentist
“Always remember to smile. It’s the most beautiful accessory you can wear everyday.”



Dr. Vincent is known for his charming and engaging personality. He can instantly befriend with anyone who walks into the room and turn strangers into friends.

Dr. Vincent is one of the leading aesthetic dental practitioners in Malaysia. Dr. Vincent is passionate in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments. He has performed hundreds of smile makeovers and cosmetic dental procedures for more than 7 years. Dr. Vincent prides himself on the fact that most of his patients come to him by word of mouth referrals. Dr. Vincent regularly receives invitations to share his expertise with the dental community in Malaysia.

Dr. Vincent graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery from International Medical University (IMU). He received the Best Clinician Award and was honourably chosen to represent his peers to deliver a graduation speech. He is currently an adjunct partner with IMU Dental Faculty for dental students to visit Hello Dental Clinic for learning purposes.

Dr. Vincent is committed in advanced continuous learning, attending lectures by top dentists from all around the world because he believes in delivering the best for his patients. Dr. Vincent is also a firm believer in holistic dentistry, focusing on both smile enhancement and oral health wellness.

Dr. Vincent practices with an attentive vision for details and ambition for patient satisfaction. Besides cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Vincent is also well known for his professional dental photography skills. With his professional photography skills and equipments, he captures micro details of each smile for analysis and treatment planning. Because every detail matters to achieve the perfect smile.

Aside from being a dentist, Dr. Vincent is a world traveler, pianist and fitness enthusiast who enjoys playing basketball and going to the gym.

dentist celine

Dr. Celine Chen Lee Chian

Co-Founder and General Dentist
“I believe a healthy smile is the foundation to a beautiful smile.”


Dr. Celine practices Family and Restorative Dentistry for over 6 years. With her gentle personality  and quality skills, Dr. Celine always strive to ensure her patients feel comfortable and well informed about any procedures, while providing quality dental care. Dr. Celine loves interacting  with patients of all ages and is committed in patient-centred care which she works closely with  each patient to choose the treatments that best suits their needs.

Dr. Celine was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Celine received her bachelor’s degree from International Medical University (IMU). She was devoted in scientific research and had successfully published two articles in the Australian Dental Journal in year 2015 and the Brazilian
Dental Journal of Oral Sciences in year 2016.

Following her bachelor’s degree, Dr. Celine had the opportunity to serve under the public sector in Kuantan for 2 years, where she was able to enhance her dental skills while treating a diverse patient base. Subsequently, Dr. Celine return back home to Kuala Lumpur and began working in private practice where she continue to grow her professional skills. Dr. Celine looks forward to attending dental conferences and various courses to stay in touch with the latest advancement in dentistry.

Outside of the dental office, Dr. Celine enjoys yoga, travelling, writing western calligraphy and loves spending time with her family.

dentist jamie

Dr. Jamie Chew Kwai Yee

Partner and General Dentist
“My ultimate goal is to make you smile with confidence.”



Dr. Jamie is well-known for her thorough and gentle care in patients of all ages. She prioritise in providing high-quality dentistry in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Dr. Jamie has special interest and passion in Orthodontics and Children Dentistry. She believes that orthodontic treatment is not just about straightening the teeth but also to improve function and achieving healthy occlusion. She has completed hundreds of cases to date including correcting gummy smile with bone screws and performing early orthodontic intervention in children who have skeletal development problem.

As a teenager, Dr. Jamie was inspired to become a dentist ever since she regained confidence in her smile after her orthodontic treatment. Dr. Jamie was a pioneer batch dental student in International Medical University (IMU). During undergraduate, she had successfully published two of her research articles on peer-reviewed journals and also represented her batch to present her research in dental conference.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from IMU in 2012, she was posted to Taiping, Perak for twoyear clinical attachment in Oral Surgery, Orthodontic, Periodontic, Paediatric dentistry and Community dentistry. She was assigned as the person in charge of Klinik Pergigian Batu Kurau before joining the private sector in 2014.

Dr Jamie is committed in staying current with latest innovation in dentistry and learning new skills by attending numerous local and international workshops and courses. In 2015, Dr Jamie completed her comprehensive implant training with McGann Postgraduate School of Dentistry. She obtained her orthodontic skills under Progressive Orthodontic System training, a worldwide leader in comprehensive orthodontic education. Dr Jamie is currently a member of Royal College of Surgeons (England) as well as Malaysian Dental Association, and is registered under Malaysian Dental Council.

In her off time, Dr Jamie enjoys exploring delicious food, cooking, diving and traveling the globe with her friends and family.

dentist lew

Dr Lew Khei Qi

Associate and General Dentist
“Smiles are great investments, the more you collect the better you feel.”



Dr. Lew Khei Qi, also known as Dr Khei is a dedicated dentist and has an undying passion to never stop learning. She is committed in providing the best and up-to-date treatments for her patients and believes in the importance of practicing evidence-based dentistry. She has completed and obtained a Certificate of Implantology (Italy) and is currently undergoing training in her Diploma in Orthodontics (UK).

Dr Khei graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery from International Medical University (IMU). She joined Hello Dental Clinic in the year 2019 upon completion of her compulsory service with the Ministry of Health, where she was trained extensively in various disciplines of dentistry.

Dr Khei has a special interest in the field of Aesthetics & Restorative Dentistry. She joined numerous courses to improve her skills and knowledge for the benefit of her patients. Patients’ satisfaction is her greatest motivation to continue providing quality work and to deliver the best care possible.

On a side note, Dr Khei is a fun and outgoing individual. She hopes to be able to take away your dental fear and provide you with a comfortable and fulfilling dental experience!

dentist gin

Dr Lim Wei Gin

Partner and General Dentist
“My goal is to raise awareness that our children can grow to their fullest potential (despite genetics!), the natural way by nurturing nose breathing & tongue function.”


Dr Gin is a general dentist with special interest in infant tongue ties and functional oral health care for families. Functional oral health care is a focus approach where by Dr Gin believes that each individual – babies, growing children, adults or elderly deserves an optimal oral health that enables full and functional potential in feeding, speech and sleep quality, right from birth.

Dr Gin’s interest in helping babies and mothers with breastfeeding issues turned into a passion after having her daughter and undergone her own struggles and eventually experiencing a successful breastfeeding journey.

Dr Gin is also a certified Breastfeeding Counsellor. Hence able to provide breastfeeding support after she offers laser frenectomy treatment for babies to achieve a good latch. She also serves growing children with a frenuloplasty technique that integrates myofunctional therapy to strengthen tongue tone while correcting restriction.

Dr Gin is a graduate from International Medical University – Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Dr Gin has completed her Membership of Joint Dental Faculties of Royal College of Surgeons England (Part I). She has also completed her orthodontic training with Biomechanical Institute of Orthodontics. Dr Gin believes in the function of our facial and oral muscles contributing to the stability of the teeth alignment and jaw bone growth from young. She further pursue her interest by training with the Myofocus Myofunctional Orthodontic Program (Australia).

She is proud to offer an evidence-based approach in her treatment modality. That includes use laser for frenectomy and collaborating with bodyworkers, Ear Nose Throat specialists, lactation consultants, speech pathologists, and others, to provide functional holistic healthcare.

Her goal is to spread awareness on a child’s full potential (despite genetics!), right from birth from addressing tongue function and how it impacts the craniofacial growth and rest of the body.

dentist lye

Dr Shermaine Lye Wei Tit

Associate and General Dentist
“Dentistry should be a holistic approach to treat patient as a whole with care while maintaining a high standard of dentistry.”


Dr. Lye achieved a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from University Malaya in 2014. She was a dean list award winner for the year 2013. Her team was awarded in poster presentation in Dental Students Scientific Conference in University of Malaya in the same year.

After graduation, she served as a dental officers in the Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Paediatric Dentistry by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Other than hospital-based experience, she has worked under other specialists which gave her many opportunities to practice in all specialties.

Dr Lye obtained her diploma of membership into the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, UK (MFDS RCS) in 2016 through a series of examinations. In the effort of pursuing her interests, Dr Lye obtained fellowship in International College of Continuing Dental Education (POS Orthodontics). To advance her skills in aesthetic dentistry, Dr Lye had a series of training in “International Certification in Advanced Aesthetic and Restoration Dentistry” which was held at Egas Moniz University in Lisbon, Portugal in 2019.

Dr Lye always believes that dentistry should be a holistic approach to treat patient as a whole with care while maintaining a high standard of dentistry. Kindness and gentleness in a dentist can make a difference to achieve stress-free dental treatment sessions.

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